Numerology, numbers and meanings

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Tuesday December 04 2018


Everything can be calculated as a number. And this includes ourselves. Based on your birthdate, name or even address, you can calculate your number and discover its meaning.

How to calculate your number?

You must sum all the numbers of your birthdate and keep adding them until you get a one digit number, unless the result is 11, 22 or 33. For example if you're born on october 18, 1989:


1 + 0 + 1 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 9 = 37

3 + 7 = 10

1 + 0 = 1

The result is 1

The meaning of the result

Number 1

You are very independent and autocratic. You don't like to be pressured by authorities and are a born leader. You're always searching for perfection and are dedicated to complete all the challenges that come through your path. Also stubborn and imprudent, you might sometimes get lost in your ambitions neglecting essential aspects of your life.

Number 2

You're the perfect friend, the lawful partner, the ideal employee. You care about others and their wellbeing. You enjoy cooperating to help to achieve goals. All these qualities make you a calm, reserved and pacific person that employs diplomacy and is always well informed. This persons usually climb high on the power lather and achieve great things in life.


Number 3

You are very expressive and creative. You enjoy life to the fullest and are an optimistic person. You like to learn new things, like languages, theatre or how to sing. Your kindness and a great sense of humor make you a beautiful and trusting friend. On the negative side, you can sometimes lack direction and wander off your path.

Number 4

You're drawn towards order and values. Loyal, creative and free, you fight against oppression. You work with precision and are reliable in finishing what you set your mind to. Your determination and sense of justice help you rise in your workplace and achieve goals. On the negative side, you can often be stubborn which makes you lose perspective over your tasks.


Number 5

You are adventurous, and a free spirit. You enjoy your freedom and are drawn to the unknown. You adapt very quickly to changes and embrace them. You are logical and easy going, which surrounds you with a lot of friends. On the negative side, you can sometimes feel unhappy or unsatisfied and sometimes overwhelmed with all the decisions you want to make at the same time.

Number 6

You are responsible and comprehensive. You want a world where tolerance and love are the main actors. You always work hard for the happiness of your loved ones and are very generous with their needs. People trust you and will rely on you. On the negative side, you can be stubborn and dominant over others.


Number 7

You need to have all the answers and understand how things work. You're an outstanding student and often a book lover. You like to connect with your spiritual and psychic side by being alone and enjoying the peace of it. Meditation is a part of your life and so is achieving the perfect state of mind. On the negative side, you can be too reserved and inflexible.

Number 8

You're an influential person and have excellent management skills. You're very independent and don't need anyone to help you out in life, but you often sacrifice yourself to help others. Achieving your goals is your primary objective in life, and you're determined to reach them no matter what the cost. On the negative side, you can be workaholic and too ambitious which can increase your stress level.


Number 9

You love helping others and doing things for the benefit of humankind. You are very artistic and romantic, which makes you a great partner. Once you set your mind on something you're persistent in achieving it, you're also a forgiver and are capable of giving second chances when needed. On the negative side, you're often immature and possessive, which can make your heartache.

Number 11

You're very intuitive and can foresee things before they happen. You influence others and are usually a leader. People trust you and your instincts which makes you a leader in your group of friends. On the negative side, you can be anxious and lose focus on your goals.


Number 22

The number 22 is the most powerful number in numerology. You are full of energy and have great ideas and high standards. You're a born leader and organizer and can your dreams often come true quickly. On the negative side, you might feel overwhelmed with the pressure your set upon yourself which might blind your path to achieving your dreams.

Number 33

You're someone that is capable of achieving projects, no matter their difficulties. You rely on facts and not so much on intuition, which makes you great at winning arguments. Emotional, happy and creative you give your soul to help others in need. On the negative side, you can be emotionally unstable and unbalanced.