Healing Stones and their meaning

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Thursday November 08 2018

Healing stones are precious and semiprecious rock formations that amplify specific energies that directly influence our human selves. We can use them to propel us spiritually, in love and even to call success.

They help to protect ourselves against our negative emotions and improve our physical state. All of this through vibrations. It's important to know what each Stone is capable of and how to introduce it into your life.

So, how do they work?

Have you ever been in a room talking to someone for a while and then feel like you'd just ran a marathon? Or, on the contrary, feel boosted from that conversation? There are two types of people in the world; energy-givers and energy-takers.

Healing Stones emit vibrations that can neutralize bad energies sent by people around us. They help our spirit connect with our mind. If you're feeling overwhelmed or confused, healing stones are a great way to put you back on track.

Each Stone has a special power, and that power is enhanced if it matches your zodiac sign. Let see which Stone YOU should rely on.

What kind of healing stones are there?

There are two types of stones; the precious ones and semiprecious. This is what is done to differentiate them:

Hardness scale: This method uses the scale of Mohs, how hard a stone actually is. The harder the rock, the longest it will last. For example; The diamond is the hardest rock in the world and has 10 on the Mohs scale. The talc is the softest, with 1.

How hard it is to find it: The more difficult it is to find a stone, the rarest, desired and precious it is.

Perfection: Depending on the color, brightness, transparency, and purity, we can determine if it's precious or not. There are only 4 precious stones in the world; The diamond, the Emerald the Ruby and the Sapphire.

Some of the most common Healing Stones

Amethyst Stone

Type: Semiprecious

Meaning of Amethyst Stone: Rock formation and quartz, it has purple and black.

Properties of Amethyst stone:

  • Enhances strength
  • Draws peace
  • Protects the person wearing it

Agate stone

Type: Semiprecious

Meaning of the stone Agate: Formation of crystals of Quartz, spread in rows and bands.

Properties of the stone Agate:

  • Helps to stabilize your aura
  • Helps in diseases curations, mainly insight or stomach.
  • Makes blood vessels stronger.
  • Eliminate negative energies.

Where to use the Agate stone?

Were it on your neck.


Type: Semiprecious

Meaning of Amber: Fossilized rock formation, some people say it's precious, but it's not.

Properties of Amber:

  • Warmths the home.
  • Powers the feeling of well-being
  • Protects the person wearing it
  • Cleans the aura

    Where to use Amber?

Close to the chest to boosts your energy. A necklace is perfect for the stone.


Type: Precious


  • Attracts healing
  • Helps to unite twin souls.
  • Strengthen compassion and purification in the body
  • Attracts money.

Where to use Emerald ?

As a necklace or earrings, to carry your energy everywhere.


Type: Precious

Meaning: From the Latin word "ruber" for red., it's one of the hardest precious gems in the world.


  • Revive your energy
  • Fills you with courage.
  • Strengthen passion in loving relationships.

Where to use Ruby?

Wherever you want. It has a high vibration, you will attract great blessings if you use it every day.


Type: Precious

Meaning: Almost as hard as diamond. It is beautiful and scarce because it is so pure.


  • Strengthen your focus
  • Attracts discipline

Where to use Sapphire?

Beware! It is very expensive. If you have one, obviously wear it with a neckless and with pride.