Feng Shui 2019

By Cosmic Hype Staff - Wednesday January 02 2019

In this article we will help you attract positivity in your home, to welcome this 2019 in all its beauty. Based on Chinese astrology, we are ending the year of the Dog and starting the year of the Pig. These are our advice for Feng Shui 2019.

The year of the Pig

The year of the Pig will start on February 5th, 2019. It will be a year of good news. With this year ends a 12 years cycle as we are finishing going through every sign of the Chinese astrology. It's a good year to plan new goals for next year, but also to relax and enjoy the end of this 12-year sequence.
The year of the Pig brings love and generosity towards our loved ones. With this, also comes happiness and "joie de vivre" which will make you more empathic towards others. Now some tips to make your home welcoming to 2019.

Colors for this 2019

The year of the Pig brings stability and equilibrium between earth and the other four elements; fire, water, wood, and metal. It will be a year of social gatherings and fun. To make your home attractive to all social activities, you should include white and red or orange and gold. Apply those colors to your furniture, walls or other decorations. To elements that will bring luck and positivity to your life, are Fire and Metal. The Fire reenforces the Earth element with the colors, red, pink and orange. The Metal feeds from the earth and is represented by white and gold. Fire and Metal are deficient this 2019, that is why it's essential to fill this lack by using these colors in your daily outfits and home decorations. It's also vital to remain healthy by not lacking vitamin D (comes from fire) and iron-eating meat, fish, vegetables, and fruits).